BOOK NOTICES: August & September 2014

BOOK NOTICES: Vol 24 (8): 427-444; Vol 24 (9): 444-484

As a service to subscribers, the REVIEW provides this brief summary of the contents of recent reference works, anthologies of previously published materials, textbooks and collected readings designed for students, casebooks designed for undergraduate and law school use, later editions of books previously reviewed in this journal, and other specialized publications. Unless noted, the comments are taken from the book's jacket cover or the publisher's webpage.

The August 2014 Book Notices, Vol 24 (8):427-444 are now available.

The September 2014 Book Notices, Vol 24 (9) 444-484, are now available.

Both sets of notices are archived along with past book notices at www.Lawcourts/LPBR/notices.