December 2008 Special Edition: Review Symposium


THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF LAW AND POLITICS, by Keith E. Whittington, R. Daniel Kelemen, and Gregory A. Caldeira (eds). New York: Oxford University Press, 2008. 832pp. Hardback. $150.00/£85.00. ISBN: 9780199208425.

Editors Note
This special issue marks the first joint publication by LAW AND POLITICS BOOK REVIEW and LAW & COURTS. Special thanks to Artemus Ward who developed the project and to the five reviewers who have done a fine job of assessing this volume. The symposium also appears in the 2008 Winter issue of LAW & COURTS (Volume 19, No.1):

Artemus Ward, Department of Political Science, Northern Illinois University
Editor, LAW & COURTS

The study of law and politics is a cornerstone of the discipline of political science, and it has been one of the productive areas of cross-fertilization between the various subfields of political science and between political science and other cognate disciplines. THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF LAW AND POLITICS, edited by Keith E. Whittington, R. Daniel Kelemen, and Gregory A. Caldeira, seeks to provide a comprehensive survey of the field of law and politics in all its diversity, ranging from such traditional subjects as theories of jurisprudence, constitutionalism, judicial politics and law and society to such re-emerging subjects as comparative judicial politics, international law, and democratization. The volume gathers together leading scholars in the field to assess key literatures shaping the discipline today and to help set the direction of research in the decade ahead. The contributions to this symposium discuss the Handbook and the state of the field more generally.